My Shed/Gym

My Shed/Gym

As you may have seen, I have been predominately training in my 12×12 shed. I originally built this shed before my first child had arrived, so I would still have a place to train if the role of a parent prevented me from going to the weightlifting gym (MuscleDriver at the time). I put sand and brick down for the foundation, opposed to pouring concrete, to save money. I put very sturdy platform made of 2×3’s stacked vertically, and rubber mats to absorb the impact of the weights dropping. Turns out that was not nearly enough! We now call that platform “the Halfpipe” because the bricks have shattered under where the weights land on the platform and there is not a level spot left. Today actually marked it’s finally, we have broken it into 4 parts and training on it useless.

We defeated my platform!

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Before I joined MusceDriver I had three goals: find a coach, find training partners, and get a weightlifting bar to train on. MuscleDriver took care of all three of those goals for me, and helped propel me up to international teams in no time! Once MuscleDriver closed, a few gyms around town opened up their doors for me to come and train, which was greatly appreciated! These gyms where not quite the environment that is needed for a competitive weightlifter, so I have found that I am drifting back to training in my shed more. I have contemplated what would be the best decision for me. I needed to write down similar goals that I had pre-MuscleDriver. I already have a great coach (David Fleming), Team (17 time national champions East Coast Gold), and weightlifting equipment (old MuscleDrive plates and bars, with a few new additions). What I was lacking now was a weightlifting atmosphere! A weightlifting gym!

I am working on a solution to this problem right now! So be on the lookout for some really cool weightlifting things coming to the Charlotte area in 2018! In the mean time, be sure to check out my book The Physically Prepared Weightlifter to help support this dream and for some good reading material!

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