Wood Pulling Blocks

Wood Pulling Blocks

By: James Tatum

This style of blocks is great for weightlifting. They are sturdy, light weight (about 50 pounds each), and cheap to build. This is my preferred style block because metal blocks tend to be heavy and noisy, plastic blocks break, and solid wood blocks are too heavy. These plans are for blocks that are about 10 inches tall (knee height) but they can be built taller or shorter. 

Dimensions24”L x17.5”W x9.75”H

These plans can easily be modified to make taller or shorter blocks.

NOTE: The “ indicates inches and ‘ indicates feet.

Price for materials: $85 for the pair

The price varies if you apply stain or clear coat, adjust the height or add a rubber mat.

Time: 3 hours 

It will take longer if you choose to apply stain or clear coat.

Supplies needed:

• 5lb Box of 2.5” wood screws

• 11- 2×4’s 8’ long

• 1-2x4 piece of plywood ¾” thick

• Saw

• Drill

• Square

• Sander (optional)

• Stain (optional)

• Clear coat (optional)

• Rubber mats (optional)


Prepare the Boards:

1) Cut 18-2×4’s to a length of 24 inches long

2) Cut 302×4’s to a length of 17.5 inches long

a. One 8 foot 2×4 can produce four (4) 17.5 inch boards and one (1) 24 inch board with 2 inches left over (waste).

b. Use seven (7) 8’ 2×4’s and cut the boards in this manner to limit waste. This will produce 28 17.5” boards and 7 24” boards.

c. Cut additional 8’ 2x4s until the desired number of 17.5” and 24” 2×4’s is reached.

3) Cut the plywood to produce two (2) 24x17.5 rectangles.

4) Optional: Sand the cut ends (or entire surface) of 2×4’s and plywood so no splinters are visible. Apply stain and or clear coat to all the wood surfaces and let dry. This option will turn your project into a multiple day project.

Assemble the Blocks:

1) For 9.75” blocks, there will be 6 layers of 2×4’s alternating direction with plywood on top.

2) Place three (3) 24 2×4’s side-by-side (parallel) for your base layer. Use a scrap piece of 2×4 as a spacer between each 2×4 so they are all evenly spaced out by 3.5 (Because a 2×4 is not actually 4” wide!)

3) Place four (4) 17.5 2×4as the second layer running the other direction (perpendicular).Again, use a scrap piece of 2×4 as a spacer between each 2×4 so they are all evenly spaced.

4) Use a Carpenters Square on the corner to make it is square then drill two (2) screws on each corner so it remains squareThen drill at least one (1) screw on each middle 2×4. 

5) Once the first two layers are done, continue adding layers: three (3) 24” boards or four (4) 17.5” boards.

a. NOTE: Put two (2) screws on each corner at an opposite angle from the layer below so you don’t hit the screws for the previous layer.

b. Screw at least one screw on each middle 2×4.

6) The top (6th) layer is seven (7) 17.5” boards side-by-side with no spaces between to cover the entire top.

7) Screw the 17.5x24” piece of plywood on top of the seven (&) 17.5 2×4’s. Nine (9) screws should do the trick.

8) Repeat steps 1-7 to assemble the second block.

9) Optional: Glue a mat on top if desired.

10) Admire your hard work and lift heavy weights!

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