General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

The Physically Prepared Weightlifter

General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is a critical part in any athletes training. In this day and age of wanting to see instant progress, GPP sometimes gets left out. GPP is the thing that gets you ready to train effectively for your sport. GPP is also a very broad phase of training and is not limited to one particular set of rules. It includes but is not limited to development of: work capacity, work density, muscular development, structural balance, and even just a neurological break from your sport.

You could even argue that GPP begins when you are a toddler. Did you go out and play all day and do chores? Or did you stay inside all day watching TV? Ive heard that you develop all the balance you will have the rest of your life, before the age of 12. You could even call PE (physical education) teachers GPP Coaches.

Muscular development and structural balance kind of go together. Let’s say you are a weightlifter with a weak overhead position, you might need some muscular development in the scapular stabilizers to provide a solid base for your larger shoulder and arm muscles to hold up more weight. This is where your GPP can be targeted within the gym through correct exercise selection and loading parameters.

Sometimes you just need a break from the gym. This is a perfect time to try out a new sport for fun. I have been scouting out a few sports/ activities myself, including rock climbing, gymnastics, and hiking/camping. WHAT!? Camping isn’t GPP. Why not? Like I said GPP is a very broad term.

Now that I have fully confused you on the idea of GPP be on the lookout for my new eBook about GPP for Weightlifting! The Physically Prepared Weightlifter 

James Tatum

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