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James Tatum

Team USA weightlifter
3x National Champion
Gnarly Nutrition sponsored athlete
Co-host on The Weightlifting Scoop podcast
USAW level 2 coach
LMBT # 15976

James started powerlifting at the age of 14 building a great foundation of strength. He spent his undergraduate days at UNCW while earning a BS in Exercise Science. During that time he found the sport of weightlifting and decided to make the step to convert from a powerlifter to full-time weightlifter. In June 2012 James joined Team MDUSA in hopes of making the Olympics in 2016. During that time James went from a relatively unknown name in the sport to becoming a serious contender for an Olympic spot. Although he did not make the Olympic Team in 2016 he has his eyes set on 2020.

James has a unique background which gives him a wealth of knowledge with movement and strength. James is currently coaching an online team of weightlifters, writing a book, doing massage and bodywork for athletes, and he also spends time traveling across the nation teaching the proper techniques of weightlifting in his seminars. After James finishes competing in weightlifting he plans on promoting the sport of weightlifting in North Carolina and give youth/junior athletes the opportunity to participate in the sport of weightlifting.

Competition Results
2012 American Open Championships – 1st Place – 77kg
2013 Pan Am Team Member
2013 World Team Member
2013 National Championships – 2nd Place – 77kg
2013 American Open Championships – 1st Place – 77kg.
2014 Pan Am Team Member
2014 World Team Member
2014 National Champions- 1st Place- 77kg
2014 American Open Championships – 1st place – 77kg
2015 National Championships – 3rd Place – 77kg
2015 American Open Championships – 2nd place – 77kg
2015 China Grand Prix Team Member
2016 Pan Am Team Member
2016 National Championships – 1st place – 85kg
2017 National Championships – 1st place – 85kg
2017 Pan Am Squad Member (did not compete)

Best lifts
Snatch 160kg (352lbs)
Clean and Jerk 185kg (406lbs)
Squat 245kg (539lbs)
Front Squat 201kg (444lbs)
Deadlift 280kg (616lbs)
Bench Press 170kg (375lbs)